What Is The Key To Success?

What Is The Key To Success?

Is it motivation?

Many people think so and that is why so many people fail at their goals. But motivation is an unpredictable friend. It’s sort of like the classic literary muse. Sometimes it is there, guiding you along, and sometimes it is as elusive as a breath of fresh air in a fire. Basically, if you wait until you are motivated, you are never going to achieve your goals.

It is very easy to complete tasks and work on your success when you feel motivated. When you are motivated, every task seems easy and every goal seems achievable. But when you are not motivated, every assignment seems like a huge mountain to climb and your goals seem like far-fetched stars.


“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” – Bill Cosby –What Is The Key To Success?

So, what is a person to do then? How can you reach your goals if you aren’t motivated enough to start your journey getting there? There is only one way that you can make it through the times when you don’t feel motivated and that is by committing to something and sticking to it.

In times, when you can not bring up enough motivation to get you through the tasks that you have set for yourself, that’s when you need to ponder and remember the commitments that you have made to yourself.

There are a couple of steps before that which will help you when the time comes to use commitment to proceed.

The Key Steps To Success

  • Put Yourself FIRST – You have to teach yourself that commitment is important, even if it is to yourself. Most people have a habit of What Is The Key To Success?breaking commitments to themselves and so it is not a big deal when they do it again. You need to convince yourself that making a promise to yourself is just as important as a promise you make to someone else. It surely requires discipline to keep these commitments. You might say that you are not a very disciplined person but I’m sure you can change that if you are committed to your success.
  • Excellence – Commit to excellence as it is apparent to everybody, so always give your best. Commitment to give your best at every level will lead to the success you seek. It will draw people, events,  and resources towards you. Just don’t get stuck because you want perfection, no! It is better having an imperfect start than procrastinating because you think you are not good enough to start becoming excellent in every aspect or your life!
  • Decide About Your Priorities – If you are truly committed to something, it will be necessary to make tough decisions. How are you going to spend your time, energy, money and talents? If you decide to spend more time in the office, you’ll have less time with your loved ones. If you spend more money than you have, you won’t be able to help the poor and the needy. Time has come to decide what is important for you and so you can make the right decisions in order to stick to your commitments!
  • What Is The Key To Success?Write It Down – You aren’t going to be able to use the commitment to force yourself to complete your tasks if you don’t know what they are. Make sure that you write your commitments down somewhere. If you’ll commit to writing out your goals, ideas, and dreams, you automatically give them more power in your mind. If you recognize that you are going to have times when motivation isn’t enough, and when that happens, you need to have a plan of action and pre-recorded commitments so that you can push through when you don’t feel like working and get the things that you need be accomplished.
  • Daily Routine – Having a daily routine will help you immensely to stick to your commitments. Figure out, what should be your daily method of operation. Write it down and stick it on the wall where you see it while working towards your goals.
  • DO NOT QUIT – The successful people do not quit. They have their goal in mind and keep going. They will overcome all the roadblocks by simply walking over them or choosing to walk around them. But they won’t let themselves beeing defeated from such obstacles because they are truly committed to reaching that goal! By focusing your mind on the price instead of the roadblocks, you’ll be able to accomplish a lot.


What Is The Key To Success?

Commit Now To Be Successful Tomorrow

Time is ticking away and does not wait for you to commit to your success. Decide now if you want to be great or second-rate. Determine to succeed and change your attitude. But be patient with yourself and people around you. You’ll be embarking on the greatest and most adventurous journey of your life. It’s important that you are able to enjoy every bit of it. Commit now to start accomplishing your dreams tomorrow!

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Wishing you inner peace, happiness, and success at the highest level

Janine El Hinnawy

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