Why I Joined The Six Figure Mentors

After reading this article you’ll understand why I’m so passionate about the Six Figure Mentors. I’ll tell you what benefits you have if you would like to start your own business or even if you are already a small business owner.

Jim Rohn, the famous motivational speaker says, that we are the average of the 5 people we spend most of the time with.

Whether you like it or not, you are greatly influenced by those closest to you. These people affect your self-esteem, your decisions and your way of thinking. Sure, you are your own person. But there is research proving that you are more affected by your surroundings than you think.

Why I Joined The Six Figure Mentors

So no surprise, one of the exercises I had to do when starting my business with the Six Figure Mentors, was told to write down who these five people are in my life and what their finances look like. That’s something I would have never considered doing if starting out by myself.

It’s been only a few months now since becoming an entrepreneur. Because I have an online community of like-minded people, my inner circle of people I spend most of the time with has changed. This made a huge impact on my personal and professional life. I’ve benefitted so much and learned even more.

Read on. I’ll tell you what these benefits are. And why I have chosen to be part of the community of the Six Figure Mentors.

It’s Your Chance To Become An Entrepreneur. Quit the 9-5 And Follow Your Passions. Choose Who You Want To Spend Time With.

Are you excited about your next holidays? But wouldn’t it be nice to be as excited about the way you earn your money as you are about your holidays?

I don’t think that there are people who will regret that they spend to muWhy I Joined The Six Figure Mentorsch time with their family. That they traveled around the world or that they used to help people in need.

I’ve been a stay at home mom for several years. Before that, I used to work in different jobs. I never liked to be in this robot-like world of getting up, going to work for five days, only having two days off and restarting the same thing all over again on Monday’s.

I mean, that was not how I imagined my life to look like when I was a child!


They Can Do It – I Can Do It – YOU Can Do It too!

One of my big concerns before taking the final decision to join the Six Figure Mentors was if I would be good enough and the right person to start a business with them.

I waWhy I Joined The Six Figure Mentorss frightened that I will invest money in another business and just have another failure. I was not sure if I could free up enough time and space to work and learn consistently. I’ve had no idea how to set up a website, how to set up marketing campaigns or what exactly was meant by a landing page.

Well, to cut the long story short, I was able to free up enough time and I’ve learned a ton. Thanks to the easy to follow business system that Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have created, even the most technically unknowledgeable people will be able to follow their step by step videos and tutorials.

You don’t need any previous experience. All you need is a big WHY and being committed to making it work.


You Choose How Much You Want To Earn

The amount of money you can earn is limited only by the time, money and effort you are willing to invest.

The business system of the Six Figure Mentors is scalable. Meaning you can rise and repeat until you are satisfied with your results. I’m not here to promise you anything and please note that personal results may vary from person to person (earnings disclaimer).

Your mindset will be key on how much you’ll be able to profit from this business.

Support And The Valuable Exclusive Private Online Community Of The Six Figure Mentors

Just a few years after joining the corporate world I’ve got involved in different business models. Starting from Multi Level Marketing, being a Finacial Advisor on a basic salary with bonuses for successful sales, working as a freelance dive guide and even selling real products on eBuy and similar online platforms.

None of those things really worked out for me, because one of the missing points was having the community of fellow entrepreneurs.

Starting your business is not easy. Sooner or later, you could start feeling overwhelmed, stuck or have questions that will need to be answered.

The Six Figure Mentors support system is there to help. What I love that they don’t treat you as a number, it’s all about people. I was so surprised when I got my first phone call after signing up. Just to get in touch with me and to ask if I needed any help or questions answered.

Why I Joined The Six Figure MentorsIf you get stuck any time you can reach out to support by different means. I’ve never waited too long to get any of my problems solved.

To add even more value, Stuart and Jay even added the private member community (similar to Facebook but so much better). There, you can interact, ask questions and be inspired by fellow members and online entrepreneurs from some of them are making multiple six-figures a year.

I never thought that I could profit so much from it. What I’ve learned from fellow members is priceless.

As an online entrepreneur, work can be quite lonely sometimes and be able to mastermind with like-minded people on the same journey makes the whole difference for me. I never saw a community like this before, people are helping each other without asking to get anything back.


Small Initial Investment

Most business models will take an initial investment of thousands of dollars to start. It will be required to take huge loans and many times, business startups fail, just because of the lack of investment capital.

On the other side, the business model of the Six Figure Mentors has such a small start-up cost. You could say it’s ridiculous!

It cost you only $29.95 to submit your application. You’ll then be able immediately to start learning inside Module 1. Your coach will answer all your questions on the phone. You can test-drive the whole system, to see if this is the right fit for you.

If you liked it you could then upgrade (optional) to the full business system for a $297 one-time fee. After this, it’s just $97 per month. There is no contract about a minimum time of use, so you could cancel anytime and go on with your life as it was before.

So hey, I think that’s a really small investment to get started with your business!

Training That Delivers And Works!

Why I Joined The Six Figure Mentors

Inside the back office of your Six Figure Mentors account, there are hundreds of hours of training videos and tutorials, downloadable guides and books and many other resources for you.

The library of information is growing daily. No matter if you are a complete beginner or already more advanced, you’ll find exactly what you need to get your business started or moving to the next level.

You will find training on topics like Blogging, Getting Started Fast, Marketing Foundations, WordPress, Video Marketing, Forum Marketing, Mindset and much more.

Each week there are several web classes that you can attend live. If you could not make it on time – you’ll be able to watch the replay later.

What the Six Figure Mentors offer on training resources is much more than what you would get in the most advanced college course.

I mean seriously, who has the chance to attend weekly life seminars with multiple six-figure earners? Mastermind with them, ask questions and having them teach you their secrets to success? It’s just awesome.


FREE Tools And Services For Members

A few times when I started building a business before I got surprised by additional cost for tools I needed.


My Banner


Not so with the Six Figure Mentors. You can save a lot of money because your membership comes with included tools and services. These are for example website hosting, website builder, eBook cover creator, report builder, graphics creator, lead capture page creator, simple tracking and split testing software and more.


You’ve got nothing to loose

Stuart and Jay are offering a 30-day money back guarantee. They know already that the chances you will not like what you see are very tiny.

And still, if you don’t like it – it’s as easy as sending an eMail to them and they will refund you. No questions asked!

Now you see, there is literally nothing to loose. You could, however, gain everything by just giving this a try.

Why I Joined The Six Figure Mentors


As you are getting to the end of this blog post, you start feeling confident about making the right decision for your life. Because in the end, it’s not about the money. It’s about the lifestyle, the quality time you get to spend with people you love. The vast possibilities at your fingertips to follow your passions and dreams.

Start your internet business now and live life on your terms!

Click here to get more information plus a FREE video series to learn more about the opportunity with the Six Figure Mentors.


Wishing you inner peace, happiness, and success at the highest level


– Founder of Successful Vibes –










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