How To Form Good Habits - Key To Success!

How To Form Good Habits - Key To Success!

You may be familiar with the idea that you cannot get rid of bad habits – you need to form good habits instead.
The reasoning behind this is that your mind thinks that you are taking something important away when you stop a bad habit; but when you simply start to form good habits that push the bad habits out of the way, then you feel like you are giving yourself something.
So, what is the actual process in which bad habits become good ones?
This is an important thing to understand because it can help you get rid of all of your bad habits eventually. This article will go through the process step-by-step, using a specific example for bad and good habits.
how to form good habits
  • Example bad habit: wasting time on social media
  • Example good habit: spending more time with your family and friends
Let’s say you want to replace the habit of wasting a lot of time on social media and instead of spend more time with the people you love.
There are numerous reasons to do this, and it is confirmed by thousands of people, that they are happier, if they spend real quality time with their family and friends away from smartphones and computers.

The Process Of Replacing Bad Habits With Good Ones

Let’s go through the process of replacing the bad with the good habits one step at a time.
1. Sit down and think about what triggers you to go first place browse through Facebook and social platforms.
2. Get a buddy who will hold you accountable about your new habit. Better if he joins the challenge with you!
3. Write down the benefits that come from having more quality time with your loved ones and stick this notes somewhere in order to see them frequently.
4. You don’t need to look at your phone every few minutes. Start checking less frequently and start having real quality conversations, face to face with your friends and family.
5. Start small. Less time on Facebook every day and little more time with your loved ones will bring you very far over time.
6. Increase this slowly until you actually start looking forward to not browsing through socials but to connect to real human beings.
7. Don’t skip any days once you started!
8. Write down any benefits you notice from connecting with your loved ones in the real world.
how to form good habits
Maybe you are already not wasting time on social media?
Great! Think about what bad habit you would like to replace and take the list above as a guide to help you.
Got a question about this? Scroll to the comment section below and ask 🙂 I’ll be glad to help if I can.
Wishing you inner peace, happiness, and success at the highest level
Janine El Hinnawy
Founder of Successful Vibes
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