About Me

Janine El Hinnawy Founder of Successful Vibes

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my website and getting to know more about me and my business.

My name is Janine El Hinnawy and I’m the founder of Successful Vibes. I’m an entrepreneur and mother to four children ages three to eight. I grew up in beautiful Switzerland and I like to travel, to read and to learn new skills.

I was a stay at home mom for several years, until I decided that it’s time for me to find an opportunity to follow my passions and earn some extra income while helping others changing their own life for the better.

Before I’ve found my mentors I was struggling to find a legitimate business opportunity and after failing more than once and getting upset from the scams out there, I decided that I would just start a blog and learn the skills by myself.Well, I’ve got myself a website and even installed WordPress on it, but that is about as far as I got with my project.

Well, I’ve got myself a website and even installed WordPress on it, but that is about as far as I got with my project…

In the end of 2016, my husband ‘stumbled’ over this online business education platform. It did not take me long to sign up for the free video series in order to learn more about this platform and its mentors.

As I went further with it and decided to actually get a 30-days money-back-guaranteed test drive, I was simply blown away by the platform itself, by the stuff I’ve learned, the actual people to connect to and by the awesome community. Until that point, I had never seen anything like this before and I have a really large background in trying things on the internet… 😉

Long story short, long before those 30 days had passed, I knew that is is a real and legitimate opportunity for me to finally realize my dream of working from home on my own terms while following my passions.

While deciding on taking that big step, I was also fearful of what the outcome of all of this might be, as I had quite a low self-esteem at that point and I felt like I did not have enough time (next to my 24-hours a day job as a mom of 4) to start this journey. Although I really trusted the digital system and my mentors, I also still had some fear of failing again, not having what it takes, not being good enough, not having the right skillset and not having the right ‘looks’ for starting my online business education.

Looking back now, I’m so glad that although I had all those worries and fears I went ahead anyway 🙂 Maybe because I just dreaded so bad to change my life and the life of our family so bad and I just could not stand the thought of not growing and expanding.

It’s always good to think about the goals and the dreams, but sometimes it’s even better to think about the outcome if we don’t change and stay still…. Sometimes it’s what we need to move out of our comfort zone and start to grow more.

Talking about growing – that’s my big passion now. I really enjoy my journey of expanding myself and learning new skills every day. I did not yet arrive at my ultimate goal of having the freedom to live with my family where we want to, to have more choices, to have more quality time with my children, to have my husband being able to quit his job where he works very long hours and to homeschool my children. But since starting my education my life and that of my loved ones already improved a lot.

We spend more quality time together and I’m getting one step a day closer to my goals. I really would love that you’d join me on my journey because becoming successful does not work without other people and I’ve decided to become successful while helping others and not by competing with them…

We’re all creators of our own reality and I invite you to start creating a better life for yourself starting from now!

My Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

I believe that saying the truth is always better, even if it will not be in my favor. I believe it’s better to have integrity than to be a liar.


I believe that I have a lot to be grateful for and while striving for my dreams, I still only have the present moment to live and bring value to the world.


I believe it’s important to forgive myself and others for any shortcomings and mistakes. I’m not perfect myself and I believe it’s none of my business to judge others.


I believe that balance is a key to being successful. By balancing my passions, I believe that I will feel more happy and energetic to giving value to every individual I encounter on my journey.


I believe that I’m on this earth for a special purpose. I believe I should do my best to improve my character from day to day in order to succeed at the highest level.


I believe the strong one is not the one who has the strongest muscles and the loudest voice, but the strong one is the one who controls himself when he’s angry.

The Mission

My mission is to wake up people to the vast possibilities available to them with the new digital economy.

I want to educate them about the changes taking place and help them get started on using the digital economy to generate for themselves an income stream working from wherever they wish. My mission is to help the individuals who are committed to reaching their dreams and who want more from life than working for somebody else and waiting for the next paycheck.