10 Myths About Starting An Online Business - How To Create A Successful Online Business

10 Myths About Starting An Online Business - How To Create A Successful Online Business

10 Myths About Starting An Online Business – How To Create A Successful Online Business

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Did you ever dream about starting your own online business? Or maybe you even started one but then got stuck somewhere in the process? Or you realized that many of the things you believed turned out to be a myth or even lies?

Today, I’m going to bust some of the worst myths out there.

You deserve to know how it really looks like to build a successful and long time sustainable online business.

I’ve been there and already fell into some of the biggest rabbit holes on the way. Many failed attempts later, I’ve got a pretty good idea about what does and doesn’t work. I know now what is true about building an online business from scratch and making it work.

But let’s get right into these myths – it’s time for the truth!

10 Myths About Starting An Online Business - How To Create A Successful Online Business

10 Myths About Starting An Online Business


1. You have to be a skilled writer

My very first road block to start my online business was my belief, that my writing skills suck.

Now, in fact, there are so many platforms out there where you can find a freelance copywriter. He will write blog posts, sales pages, social media posts, website copy and whatever you need for your business.

Surely you could save money if you can write good copy yourself.  By hiring a professional copywriter, you will free up space for the things you really love and are great at.

2. You have to do it all the work by yourself

If you are starting up your first business, you’ll most probably have the mindset of doing it all by yourself.

That is a possibility. Sometimes is the better approach ito invest your valuable time in the income producing tasks and the ones you are very good at.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about building a great website, you can let someone do that for you.

If you are not good on social media, you can hire somebody who does that for you. You don’t have to know everything and you don’t have to do all by yourself!

3. You don’t need to commit fully – it is good to start only to see if it works…

Indeed there are a lot of opportunities out there for you to start your online business from scratch.

Some people will investigate for a while on one of these and then decide to sign up just to check out if this is going to work for them. That’s a big mistake!

If you decide to start your online business, then you will have to commit 100% and have the right mindset about it in order to even have a chance to be successful at it.

4. Work whenever and as few hours as you want

When you start out your venture as a new online entrepreneur, all you need is a laptop, a good internet connection and time.

Especially in the beginning of your journey, you will need to invest a lot of time to get the momentum going.

In the beginning of my entrepreneurship, I was ‘stealing’ time from wherever I could. I was cutting short the time I slept a night, which I do not recommend, as it is essential to keep a good balance and have enough and proper rest at night to create a thriving business.

5. To create a successful online business is easier than to create an offline business

It is quite possible, that there are many advantages in having an online instead of an offline business such as less investment, less time spent commuting, less cost for employees and so on.

Still, you will need to be an expert in the niche you are in, be constantly up to date on new trends and you will have to work.

Expect to start your (online) business more like running a marathon, not just a short sprint!

10 Myths About Starting An Online Business - How To Create A Successful Online Business

6. There is a tool for everything

I completely agree that there are tools and software to automate a lot in your business. You can even hire virtual assistants and staff members but everything can’t be running by itself.

You still will have to make the important decisions as the head of your business. You’ll need to be in meetings and just take care of stuff no software or employee can.

7. It’s easy and cheap to market on social media

About 8 out of 10 ads will flop – that’s a fact.

You will have to go through a learning curve and through trial and optimization.

It’s not easy to get laser targeted traffic at first. You will have to invest time and money to get more customers.

8. Just copy someone who’s successful and you will be successful too

Wow, that was a great one for me and I believe many fall for that trap.

I subscribed to many newsletters and tried to become the successful person who had the success I so wanted.

Nothing could get you farther away from your actual goal than that. Better do the exact opposite.

Become and accept yourself as you are and the people will love and follow you. Be authentic and not someone who you believe you should be and other people would like to follow as well.

9. You need traditional advertising to make it work

There are other and cheaper ways to market your business to the right audience.

For example, content marketing is a great strategy and will cost much less than a street banner ad or a radio or commercial.

You can also leverage social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get the right people to know your brand.

What is the right social platform for your business? This will be decided where your audience is hanging out and not by your personal preferences.

10. Everything has to be perfect from the beginning

Well no, it doesn’t! Every master was once a disaster.

If you don’t start your journey you’ll never get to the destination.

Simply start where you are today. If you take consistent steps towards where you want to be, you have a much bigger chance of actually getting there.

Don’t try to make everything perfect. Stop second guessing too much and start your journey now.


How To Create A Successful Online Business

10 Myths About Starting An Online Business - How To Create A Successful Online BusinessAs a person of understanding, you start to realize, that it certainly takes more work, dedication, commitment and investment both of time and money than certain people are telling you.

I know, there are people out there who skipped some of the steps or simply do not fit in the ‘normal’ scheme I’ve told you above, but that is not the average person starting up.

Be prepared to fail. Failing forward will actually be a part of your journey and you will get to learn how to get up faster again every time and just keep on going.

I strongly believe that this is one of the qualities that will separate the successful ones from the unsuccessful. You’ve surely heard already that about 9 out of 10 new startups are failing and that from the remaining ones, only 50% will survive through their first five years.

In order to belong to the successful online entrepreneurs that actually make it, you will have to have a really big ‘why’ and be ready to walk the extra mile and invest in yourself. If you keep growing and learning – so will your business.

The best way to make sure that you are expanding as a business is to always be expanding on a personal level by listening to podcasts, audiobooks, educational programs and so on. You can attend live seminars, mastermind with like minded people and entrepreneurs, attend courses, read books and watch YouTube videos.

The list could go on for longer. The point I want to make is, that you will need the right mindset to create a thriving business and you’ll get there faster by developing yourself each day one bit more to the person you want to become.

10 Myths About Starting An Online Business - How To Create A Successful Online Business

Balance Is Key

Another ingredient to be a successful entrepreneur, you will also need to have balance in your life.

And that’s much easier said than done! I still struggle at times to keep up my daily workout, personal development, time for myself, quality time with my kids and husband and the rest of the stuff a mother of four children get to do on a daily basis well balanced out.

What I’ve realized over time is, that for me it’s the most important thing to get my workout and some time for myself before everybody else wakes up. As a result my day will be more productive, but also more happy and organized… 😉

You will have to figure out what works best for you, but I know that even Tony Robbins is advising to get up and work out the first thing in the morning.

Why do I even talk about taking care of your body in a blog post about building a successful online business?

I believe that any success or money in the world will not be of any benefit to you if you are not healthy and feeling vibrant.



10 Myths About Starting An Online Business - How To Create A Successful Online BusinessNext time you hear or read a comment about starting an online business you’ll be able to analyze it more carefully.

If you would like to start your own online business, then you have to be mindful in what you believe about it. It’s never nice to believe something and then be awoken hard and abruptly to another reality.

There are many different online business models and tools out there hence making it possible for a complete newbie and non-technical person to start from zero.

Firstly, I highly recommend finding a business system and a community which is going to support your learning and help you if you should encounter some road blocks (and you will) on the way.

But even if you tried already different business models and you were not successful until now, then this could be also the best way to go.

Consider taking a personal mentor. Therefore you can speed up your learning curve by making the path to success more clear to you.

You have a better understanding now what you need to be successful online.

If you really would like to start your online business you should start now. Most of all, believe in yourself and get going!


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Wishing you inner peace, happiness, and success at the highest level

Janine El Hinnawy

Founder of Successful Vibes



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